OctPoWriMo, Day 7 (Poem 5)

ReclaimingWriting is sometimes physically painful, trying to hear the poem through the static in my head; it make my jaw ache and my flesh crawl.  It makes relief so sweet when I finish something, though, even if it’s imperfect.

Today I tried playing with a form called the curtal sonnet, and it was… interesting.  I also decided to write about the leaves, because I live in New England, and I feel like it was summer, summer, summer… BAM!  The leaves have changed colors!

Autumn, Outside My Window

Today I sat and watched the first leaves fall,
And sighed, and looked away, and thought: how fast,
How fast the days have flown, and how the weeks
Seemed at the time to be an endless crawl
Now nothing more than shadows in the past.
And here we are again.  The sunlight streaks
The sky in jewel-bright tones of red and gold–
Autumnal fire you know can never last–
When you’re moved beyond your words and cannot speak:
You’re fading with the seasons, growing old.
Nothing keeps.

I suck at OctPoWriMo, a poem-a-day challenge for the month of October!  Official link ups are closed for this year, but follow along and write if the mood takes you!

Author: Jessica Cross

Writer, maker, geek, feminist, mom. Not necessarily in that order.

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