OctPoWriMo, Day 8 (Poem 7)

ReclaimingHey all, last post for tonight.  I had today off and spent the day playing with Bear (who is really honestly actually learning to read!  I’m hoping to start working with him more on sight words, and we might actually have him doing really basic independent reading shortly after his fourth birthday) and doing chores.  The fact that I got stuff done around the house, spent time with my son, cooked an actual meal, and got in not only my Inktober prompt, but two poems means – even though I’m still technically one behind – I feel friggin’ awesome about my output.

Tomorrow I will wrap the poem I’ve been sitting on (that I’m still not happy with, but c’est la vie – I can edit later) and see what tomorrow’s prompt is.  I actually did today’s prompt, which is  50-liner called a blitz.  It is not a favorite form, but it is really fun to play with.

Open to Mistakes

Into the mouth of madness
Into the great wide open
Open your eyes
Open your mind
Mind your business
Mind the gap
Gap-toothed smiles
Gaps in my memory
Memory like a sieve
Memories of you
You took my breath away
You made a hole in my heart
Heart beats loud
Heart and head
Heading for destruction
Head like a hole
Hole in my head
Whole lot of nothing going on
On and on and on and
On the verge of breakdown
Down once more
Down the rabbit hole
Holy holy holy god
Whole world falling apart
A part of you is always with me
A part of me died with you
You were my everything
You were the light of my life
Life without parole
Life without your smile
Smile for the mugshot
Smile though your heart is breaking
Breaking and entering
Breaking my heart
Heart pounding in my ears
Heart heavy
Heavy burden on my shoulder
Heavy with guilt
Guilty verdict
Guilty conscience
Conscience on my shoulder
Conscience gone quiet
Quiet of night
Quiet of the grave
Grave misunderstanding
Grave mistake
Mistake me for a fool
Mistake me for a monster

This is a catch-up post for OctPoWriMo!  Link ups are closed, but feel free to write if the mood strikes, or just follow along and read the poetry of others!

Author: Jessica Cross

Writer, maker, geek, feminist, mom. Not necessarily in that order.

5 thoughts on “OctPoWriMo, Day 8 (Poem 7)”

  1. I really admire people who can write poetry well. I took a class in college (choosing poetry over script writing) and there was a general vibe that it was an easy A sort of class and while the teacher ended up being a pushover, I still think that poetry is something that is extremely hard to do well so I give you kudos for managing to do it AND raise your kid at the same time. You’re awesome (:


    1. Thank you! I go through periods where I’m especially creatively ambitious, but this whole blogging “thing” is specifically to try and help me find a balance between typical adult/parenting responsibilities and the desire to be a creative person. It’s a daily struggle, but when I manage it, it’s wonderful.

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