OctPoWriMo, Day 31 (Poem 31; The End)


Always, you pledged,
Before the siren
Called your name;
Drowned in lust,
Eviscerated by your own
Fevered wanting…

God guide you —
Hand to heart,
I prayed;
Jealousy the cross I carried–
Knowing fully how she’d
Lure you back,
My grief a salt-water tomb
No storm could beach.

One day you were gone;
Poor comfort to have seen it coming.
Queer how in my heart
Regret (for what?) roiled like the

There are days when sadness overwhelms,
Undulating, in sickening, churning waves.
Visions of you in her arms, like the
Weight of water, overcome.
Except I recall the fate bestowed by sirens.
You live numbered days. I count down to

I MADE IT!  This poem wraps up OctPoWriMo, booyah.  This started out at the “endless” prompt (hence the starting word “always”) and went waaay off the rails.  This was written as an abecedarian.

Author: Jessica Cross

Writer, maker, geek, feminist, mom. Not necessarily in that order.

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