General Update

Hello from the Pits of Stagnation!

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Okay, slight hyperbole.

I had meant to have so much up on the blog this past month.  Another small round of Dollar Tree Gift Basket ideas.  Updates graphic organizers, including holiday/gift giving ones.  A personal guide to planners.  Thoughts on the upcoming holidays.  The debut of my DeviantArt, where I hope to store my weekly sketches as I continue my journey to become semi-competent with a pen and pencil.

Sadly, between my new program at work being incredibly draining (but also a lot of fun and so satisfying), last minute holiday prep, Bear’s birthday, and the stomach flu running through both my classroom and my family (Bear still has no appetite, and is now coughing himself to the dry (and not-so-dry) heaves), and I haven’t updated in nearly three weeks.

I mean, sorry?  But while I want writing about my life to be a priority, living my life comes first.  So, sorry-not-sorry (but also kinda sorry), I guess.

I’ll be working the remainder of the week to create a queue to carry the blog through the holidays, and will take some time over break to develop a more regular posting schedule.  Until then, I hope your run up to the holidays has been more enjoyable and less filled with toddler puke than mine has been.

Take care, everyone.

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