Happy Friyay!: February 22, 2019

Happy (1) Hey, Happy Friyay!  I’m back on the positivity train, after a pretty long time away (I kind of still can’t believe I had an entire month of radio silence post-convention), and it’s fitting that it’s the last official day of my winter break – when I kind of need a bit of a pick-me-up before jumping head first back into the daily grind.

Things that are perking me up this week:

So, I’m a huge fan of animation, and I recently discovered PhantomStrider’s YouTube channel, where he present Top 3/5/10 lists on topics like Darkest Cartoon Network Episodes, Best and Worst Cartoon Reboots, and Creepiest Spongebob Episodes.  I spent an inordinately long time on TVTropes looking up some of the entries on his Worst Cartoons of All Time list (OMG, NutshackNutshack.  Whyyy??), and it was so bad, but so entertaining.  His commentary is thoughtful, and honestly, I find his voice generally pretty soothing and easy to listen to.  He also warns if the footage he’s using is going to be disturbing, which was good for when Bear was in the room, so I could either skip it or distract him.  Anyway, if you’re an animation fan, I recommend.  I’ve spent a lot of time on his channel the last two days.

We’re going to see Captain Marvel on March 9th!  I enjoy reading comics and graphic novels, but most of my familiarity is with properties from Image Comics (with one or two notable properties from Vertigo); I’ve always been intimidated by the more famous/prominent Marvel properties because of the overwhelming number of reboots and alternate universes, so I have very, very little prior knowledge of Captain Marvel – but my feminist, comic-book-loving friends are super psyched, and I totally love the MCU, so I’m excited to be seeing this one on opening weekend (especially since I doubt that I’d be able to avoid spoilers on either Tumblr or Facebook for very long).

I set a goal at the beginning of the month of complete 10 “pieces of art” (defined however I saw fit) in February, and I’m thrilled to say that I’ve completed five, with a sixth and seventh underway.  I may not actually make it to ten, but hooooly hell, do you know how much of a productivity boost this is from last year?  From the last several years?  I completed two pieces in January, bring my year-to-date total up seven, currently, which is more than I’ve done in most years past.  And it’s February.

It’s a short one this week, possibly because I’ve just been mostly chilling and hanging out with my family – not consuming a ton of media or doing a ton of interesting things (I mean, I’ve had fun, but April Break is really the “fun” one, when I get out and do things.  Andy worked this week and it’s been snowing; by April, it’ll be warm, and he has the week off, so I’m greatly looking forward to that).

What has been buoying you along this week?

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