Friyay!: March 1st, 2019

Happy (1)Holy hell, this has been… a week, let me tell you.  Partial derailment of my household (that I opted to let wait until I could clean tomorrow, so I can’t whine too much about that), absolute chaos at work, and what seems to be the resurgence of the cold that knocked me on my ass just before vacation.

That being said, I am positively ecstatic that it’s the weekend.

This week’s Friyays!

I don’t know why I didn’t mention this weeks ago (oh, wait, it’s because I basically abandoned this blog for like a month), but Andy and I watched Kim’s Convenience on Netflix.  While it’s not a new show on Netflix – it debuted in July 2018 – the fact that literally no fan works for it exists suggests that it’s definitely not known as widely as maybe it should be.   Since I’m notoriously long-winded, here’s the IMDB summary: The misadventures of a Korean-Canadian family running a convenience store. Kim’s Convenience tells the funny and heartfelt story of the Kim family. Mr. and Mrs. Kim are Korean Canadian convenience store owners who have worked hard to give their now-twenty-something children, Janet and Jung, a better life in Canada.  It is well-worth checking out for funny and surprisingly sweet and wholesome (but not hokey or saccharine) comedy, and there’s some nice eye candy to be had as well (Simu Liu, I’m looking at you.  Like, a lot.  Especially on Instagram).  The first two seasons are available on Netflix, with the third currently airing on CBC in Canada, and a fourth already in the works.

I am no where near Chicago, but just hearing about the existence of The Catcade makes me happy.  They are an arcade-themed cat rescue that simulates an “at home” environment, so instead of being kept in cages or crates, the cats roam free and interact with patrons.  There is a cafe and lounge, free arcade games (and Mario Kart), free Wi-Fi, and the opportunity for “cat yoga” classes!  I would be happy just chilling with the kitties, but being able to play some games and have a cup of coffee with them is pretty great.  If you get real attached to a particular kitty, they are available for adoption!

The Oatmeal is once again dipping into gaming, this time with Throw Throw Burrito, which I love mostly because of the card art (Meow Cow?  Barky Sharky?  COME ON!) and the fact that I like throwing things at people.  I feel like it’s a game that is easy to learn and that would be pretty accessible even to pretty young kids, which makes it a good Family Game Night option (I think Bear is still a little too young, but be next year, definitely).  It’s still being KickStarted, but check in out if you like Matt’s art, family-friendly games, or chucking things at people you love.

What’s keeping you cheerful this week?

(PS:  Yes, it’s Saturday.  I started this entry before I put my son to bed last night, and wound up falling asleep with him.  So, here).

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