Friyay!: March 8th, 2019

Happy (1) Happy Friday!  This has been quite a week; to sum up how the last few days have been, coworkers and I took time out today to look up the lunar calendar and the as-of-late phases of the moon in a last ditch effort to assign some rationale to the unending chaos of the week.

With the being said, the week is over (just over a month until my Spring Break!), and I’m hoping for some restorative sleep this weekend, a good house cleaning, and some down time to, among other things, catch a showing of Captain Marvel and do some painting.

Things that have buoyed me along this week:

First off:  Today we took the kid’s on a community trip to the library, and I was reminded of something that I’d known about and thought was awesome (but never made mention of) called The Library of Things.  I’ve known about it for a while, but it was news to several coworkers, so in case you are unaware of it, I would recommend you Google “(your local library) library of things” and see what comes up.  The Library of Things is a collection of non-traditional material and equipment available for loan at your library.  At the library in the town that I work in, for example, this includes an applique kit, binoculars, a cordless scanner, a ghost-hunting kit, a knitting kit, a keybooard (as in the musical instrument), a Playstation 4, a telescope, and a ukelele – and this is a partial list.  Google it and see what cool things you can borrow with your library card!

Secondly, several upcoming challenges have recently opened sign-ups, and I – on an ADHD fueled rampage – signed up for all of them.  I’ve gotta say, though, April feels like a good month to get creatively energized, because (at least up here near Boston) it’s the first month where the weather begins to become pleasant with fair consistency, and the days start getting longer and sunnier – it’s really the first time during the year when I feel like the general atmosphere around me radiates energy instead of drains it.  Anyway, for those interested, the three challenges I am participating in (and which are currently taking sign-ups) are Blogging A-to-Z, Camp NaNoWriMo, and National Poetry Writing Month.

Third, you all know I’m a little bit crazy for Dollar Tree, right?  Well, did you also know that (a.) my downstairs bathroom in mermaid-themed (because of course it is), and (b.) Dollar Tree is killing it in the mermaid department lately?  I’m on the lookout for a few classic products as well as some brand new stuff, like this mermaid shadowbox/plaque, ceramic mermaid tail plates, decorative mermaid tails, these mermaid wall stickers, and these mermaid tail candles.

Finally, I was a big fan of Pentatonix for a long time, but after Avi left, I sort of fell away from the group for a bit, only recently returning to listen to some of their newer stuff and man – I will always love and miss Avi, but this does not disappoint.  I’ve listened to the Pentatonix cover of “The Sound of Silence” about fifty times in the last three days.

Anyway, that’s about it for today.  What’s kept your spirits up or brightened your days this week?

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