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Fri-yay!: April 5th, 2019

Happy (1)So here we are, one week closer to spring break!  Oh my God, guys, can we get there??

Bear got yet another bout of the stomach bug — this one was luckily very, very short lived, but now I seem to have picked it up — literally half my coworkers are sick, my sister is sick, and what the hell is with the cold/flu season???   Can it just… be over, please?

Anyway, for your consumption this week:

Have I mentioned I love Spongebob Squarepants?  I was kind of the generation that made that show, like, a cultural phenomenon instead of just a kid’s show; I was a high school Senior when the show premiered, and a college freshman when it really took off, and it took off in a big way among my age group.  I haven’t watched many episodes past the fourth season, but those first four seasons hold a special place in my heart.  It’s probably not a surprise then that I really get a kick out of the Spongebob musical, the soundtrack for which is currently on YouTube and available for listening (I’ve had “No Control”in my head for, no joke, like a week).

This also isn’t a new discovery — I return to it kind of cyclically — but I love hearing things in their native languages.  Despite not speaking it, one of my favorite recordings of Les Miserables is the French Original Concept Album, and on and off for the last year, the soundtrack to Moana in Māori.  I don’t speak Māori, but I love listening to the songs in the language.  I’ve been streaming this on YouTube, as well.

Also not new, but I’ve been getting back into escape games, and have been revisiting Detarou escapes, which are among the most bizarre and entertaining in the room escape genre.  I include a link to the Jay Is Games’ Detarou tag instead of directly to Detarou’s site in case you want to read about the individual games, check content, or have the walkthrough available to you.  I believe he has games not covered on JiG, and I’m willing to bet they are just as worthy of being checked out.

That’s it for me this week.  Fellow NaPoWriMo-ers, how is it going?!  (and have you checked out my writing blog yet)?  Camp NaNoers, hanging in there?  A-to-Zers, still caught up?  Awesome!

Let me know what’s kept you going this week!

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