Joys, Big and Small

e1d57-atoz2019tenthannThis has been an unusually stressful week in a job fundamentally built on stressful weeks (I love what I do, but it takes a toll).  Recovering from the stomach bug (good news!  I’m back to eating normally, and I am ravenous), plus juggling my writing challenges and the general stress and tedium of daily life has resulted in a case of pretty massive burnout.  I have one more day of work, and a ton of chores to do tomorrow, and then – blessed vacation.

Tomorrow is Friday, which is usually the day I do my “Fri-yay” posts, where I share with you consumables that have made my week brighter, but, full disclosure, the thought of having to write even one more thing on top of the three (I’m still plugging away at Camp NaNo) I’m already working on is crushing.  So, I’ve decided to be selfish and focus on me today — to take a second to breath and reflect on the things in my life that are currently bringing me joy.  I’m sorry, but I need this.

Maybe you do, too.  I would encourage all of you out there, feeling overwhelmed with whatever challenges you might be facing, to take a moment and list things — from something as significant as “I own a beautiful home” to something as inconsequential as “I have a bag of peppermint patties in the fridge that I’m gonna tuck into tonight” — that are currently a source of joy to you.

  • My family is over the stomach bug, and we all have out appetites back (Bear’s is especially epic today!)
  • We’re taking our students for bowling and pizza tomorrow
  • I’m surprisingly pleased and excited about the poems I’m writing for NaPoWriMo
  • My Camp NaNo project is such trash, but it’s also such a satisfying idfic/drawerfic that I’m going to keep working on it even if it’s likely never going to see the light of day
  • I finally found wall sconces I love to complete the focal wall in my living room
  • I made an amazing tortellini soup last night with enough leftovers for tonight (and any night I don’t have to cook, but can still eat amazing food, is a win)
  • The trees in the courtyard outside my classroom window are finally starting to bloom, and birds (we think they’re finches) are eating from our windowsill feeder
  • I recently won my first game of Scrabble against my husband!  Woo!
  • Saturday is supposed to be 70 degrees
  • Summer work has opened up and I already know I have at east one position lined up
  • I’ll have time this week to return to the gym
  • Cutting and hopefully redyeing my hair this week
  • I’ll have time to read and start some the shows I’ve been meaning to watch — hooray for new media!
  • Eddie Izzard is coming to Boston
  • I’ll probably get to see my niece and nephew at least once over my vacation
  • I recovered the password to my old LiveJournal, and have been reading some entries I haven’t laid eyes on in at least six years (that journal chronicled my whole life, from my freshman year of college through my first few years of marriage)
  • We are going to the live Worst Bestsellers in Boston next week, and I’m looking forward to it.  I don’t go into Boston enough anymore (I miss our season tickets to the theatre)
  • I have an almost untouched carton of Ben & Jerry’s Brownie Batter Ice Cream in my freezer from before the bug hit and I cannot wait to dig into it tonight
  • My son has been a gold mine of ridiculously adorable quotable lately, and he is seriously the jewel of my Facebook page
  • I’m seeing such awesome things in Dollar Tree hauls lately, ahhh, I can’t wait to go this week!
  • I really like the people in my NaNo cabin this year
  • Someone on AO3 wrote a fic in a fandom I adore, and it was sweet and wonderful and I seriously haven’t closed the tab since the fic went up and read it when I can’t fall asleep, ahhh, it’s so good
  • I started two paintings before April started, and I’m excited enough about them that I’m going to make working on them a priority this week even though I had been resigned initially to putting off visual art until May
  • I got a sweet text message from my lead teacher last night saying really lovely things about my handling of a situation, and it made me feel valued and appreciated

Take a moment and reflect on what you’ve got to be happy and grateful for.

If you’d like to share, I’d love to listen.

Author: Jessica Cross

Writer, maker, geek, feminist, mom. Not necessarily in that order.

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