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Wasting Time

e1d57-atoz2019tenthannWh-what?  Heh, uh, what are you talking about?  Surely I wouldn’t take an A-to-Z Blog Entry and waste it as a half-assed rebranding of Fri-yay!  Hahahahaha, oh, you.  How you like to kid.

…Yeah, no, that’s exactly what I’m doing.

Today was rough.  Like, there were some wonderful bright spots, but I had a rough assignment, the weather was crappy, I barely slept last night, and I did something awful to my knee yesterday, so of course today’s community trip was all on foot.  So I decided, you know, I need another day to take a minute and post something fun.  I’ve gathered a list of some places that inspire a huge surge of nostalgia for me — time wasters from a bygone era (uhhh, like ten to fifteen years ago).  I’ve also included a few current favorites, but my fave time wasters these days are fairly popular websites.

Old-School Time Wasters

Feed the Head:  Currently my son’s favorite thing to play with online. This is a classic piece of interactive art/time-wasting game.

Blue Suburbia:  More interactive art.  This one is pretty overwrought, though I thought it was super deep when I first found it.  It’s still entertaining and atmospheric.

Orisinal:  Old school simple flash games, super adorable, charmingly whimsical.

AOOA {The Phone}:  Probably the first piece of interactive art I ever… uh, interacted with.  Still effectively atmospheric a a decade and a half later.

The Asylum:  Partly a game, partly a piece of art (albeit somewhat cutesy), this is a classic point-and-click that I played through back when there were still only three patients. (This game has some problematic elements, but it’s still in interesting and weirdly compelling game to play).

99Rooms:  An old point-and-click, escape the room style game.

My Father’s Long, Long Legs:  Legit went looking for this a few months ago.  A Twine interactive fiction, and hella creepy.

RetroJunk:  Exactly what it says.  An archive of nostalgia, not comprehensive, but somewhere I spent a lot of time ten year ago or so.

Latrinalia:  Bathroom graffiti from around the world.

Current Places I Drag My Feet

TVTropes:  Ooooh my God, I will waste legit entire nights here.  Look up your favorite show to start, and fall down an endless rabbit hole.

AO3:  Do the same as the above!  My absolute favorite fanfic archive or all time, and I was around at what was pretty much the dawn of fanfic archive.

BuzzFeed LOL:  Buzzfeed is kinda trash?  But I still waste a lot of time reading their Tweet, Tumblr, and text message compilations.

Cracked:  I stopped really reading Cracked after they canned basically all of my favorite contributors, but I do occasionally click on a link if it pops up, and their archives are definitely worth checking out.

NaNoWriMo:  I read the boards even in the off-season, though don’t generally post.  I get sucked into Worst Line Written threads and all the typo/mistypings threads.  Also, writing games and the like.

Wayback Machine:  There are lots of functions of the internet archive, but when I’m real bored, I just looked up archived versions of my favorite webpages.  If you ha — and can still remember — the URL of your old blog or website, there is a decent chance a copy of it may be archived; I recovered a fanfic I’d written that I had lost for almost ten years through Wayback.

Where’s your favorite (non-social media) site to get lost on, past or present?

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