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Zip, Zero, Zilch (My Energy Level at the Culmination of #AtoZChallenge)

e1d57-atoz2019tenthannAnd so it end, yet again.  Praises be.

So here we are at the end of  three challenge month for me, and I’ve gotta say — it went worse than I hoped, but better than I expected.  I was not thrilled with a number of y poems, but I found something, however small, in each of them that, with time, I could nurture into something I love.  I wrote a number of (what I considered) insightful posts about ADHD and my own experiences with it, and a few throw-away, not-so-insightful ones as well.  I got nowhere near my Camp NaNoWriMo goal, but I wrote 5,000 words of a fic that I am continuing to have a blast with, whether or not it ever sees the light of day.  That’s gotta count for something.

So now, where do we go from here?  I want to keep up the momentum of posting with some fair regularity, so I’ll try to get a Fri-yay post up this week, and spend time working on some of the organizational tools I talked about sharing with you all.  I have some writing about parenting I’ve been sitting on for ages because it didn’t mesh with my A-to-Z theme, and I’m hoping to keep updating Word by Word at least twice a week, using tags and community challenges to spur me on (since that seems to work best for me).  Right now my main debate is do I give a passing attempt at Story-a-Day in May, or do I go back to primarily focusing on visual art for a month?  I gotta admit, I miss sitting down with my brushes and canvases every night.

But despite what I consider to be a successful run, I am wiped the hell out.  I feel like I am just at the border for having stretched myself too thin, and the refractory period is going to set me back something fierce, though I hope I can power though it by aiming fo once or twice a week to keep things moving instead of trying to stick with every day.  Three products a day, every day was probably a little more ambitious than I was ready for.  Which is not to say that I regret it — just that I likely won’t do it again.  The stress of trying to come up with two to three original ideas every day was beginning to feel physically stressful; like, something I would start to have anxiety attacks over (that’s the perfectionist in me), and then urge to delete all those entries, poems and otherwise, that I felt were subpar (and that was nearly all of them) was at times overwhelming.  But I held fast because, look, part of life is learning to be okay with… well, with okay.  Not everything needs to be gold the first time out.  Now it’s time to salvage those pieces that can be salvaged (and that’s a fair number, if I’m being honest and objective) and try to polish them up to see what they can become.

Thank you to everyone who followed along, reading and liking.  With the burden of production off my hands, I should have some free time on here to actully engage.  That remains an over-arching goal that I have yet to acheive consistently.

How does everyone feel in the afterglow of A-to-Z?  What are peoples’ plans and projects moving forward?

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