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Happy Warm Weather!

photography of woman surrounded by sunflowers

We have just had the first truly beautiful and seasonally appropriate day here in my little town in MA, and I am just, ugh, raring to go and ready to Spring clean.

The warm weather inexplicably makes me want to clean, organize, and redecorate, maybe because when I’m inevitably feeling gross in the 90+ degree heat that is surely on it’s way, at least I won’t have to do anything to the house except wipe the gross, sticky condensation of humidity off all available surfaces.  Eugh.  I love Spring, but come the bridge to full-fledged hot weather, I could do without the humidity and the stickiness.  Why is everything so friggin sticky?

The other thing I want to do is, um, literally everything.  In the weeks immediately before summer vacay — and of course, even more so after school let’s out — there is so much fun stuff to do!  People are having yard sales (a huge guilty pleasure of mine), there are carnivals, festivals, fruit to be picked, parties to be had, amusement parks to be, uh, nauseated at.  I always get hugely hyped up for the warm weather only to discover by September I’ve basically let the whole season slip past.

The problem is, I get overwhelmed with the possibilities, and wind up putting off making plans, overbooking, or just feeling overwhelmed by a million other things and forget.  So this year, I’m planning early for the warm weather of late Spring and Summer.

Right now, I’ve just started in on two Pinterest boards — this one is Spring-centric and is mainly bucket lists at the moment, and this one is Summer-centric and has a little more, though both will be added to substantially in the next three days — but I have more plans in the coming couple of weeks.  Since I have to do the research myself to plan for my own summer, I’m hoping to share with you ideas for occupying or entertaining kids, finding events and special outing to go to, free activities for the family, how to come up with your own seasonal bucket list, and lots of other things.  I’m hoping having to find and parse the info into something like a blog post will actually help me organize my own summer, and if other people can benefit, well hey, that’s just awesome.

How’s the weather where you are?

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