Christmas Eve

Now that, right there, is a throwback to an entirely embarrassing part of my life — my intense and extended involvement in the Clay Aiken fandom.  I will never apologize for loving Clay Aiken, because I still maintain that he has a beautiful voice, and even at the time of our fandom, we knew how insanely cookie-cutter and vanilla his songs were, so we were very self-aware about how ridiculous the fandom was, which was actually part of the fun of it.  Sadly, the fandom wound up becoming so incredibly toxic that I can’t help but admit to being a part of it with anything but an instinctive cringe.

That being said, this song brings back a lot of good memories.  When Clay did his Christmas tour in the early aughts, I was unable to go; I was still in college and didn’t have a job, and my family was pretty tight on money.  So my two best friends — one whom has since passed away, the other of whom has recently asked me to be her Maid of Honor — went to the concert and called me when he sang all my favorite songs, so that I could at least experience a little of it in real time with them.  It was incredibly sweet, and something I still think about.

Everything is wrapped and packed for the Christmas festivities.  It took longer than I would have liked this year, but we spent a lot of the two weeks leading up to Christmas unable to be in the house because Columbia Gas kept shutting our heat off because of water in the line.  They’ve been on our street literally every day for the week and a half, and the heat has gone off an additional four times since that first event, when we were without for between 38-44 hours and we all had to stay at my parents’.  Needless to say, that put a pause on anything holiday-related we could have hoped to accomplish in the house.

Knock on wood, we have heat now, and are looking forward to seeing friends,  hunkering down for the night, and seeing people in the morning.  I have to admit, Christmas doesn’t have that same aura of magic as it did as a kid, but there is still something that I love about Christmas Eve, especially now that I have my son.

Anyone want to place bets on what ungodly hour Bear will have us up at?

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