Merry Christmas

There’s some relief that the holiday is over, I’m not going to lie, but I also had a really wonderful Christmas.  I got to spend time with my family, my son absolutely loved everything he got, my family liked the presents I got them, and I am thrilled with the gifts I got this year.

My mother shopped off my wish list, which is a mixed blessing; she likes “surprising” her giftees, and feels like buying off the wish list is “less fun.”  I had to ask her, for whom is it “less fun?”  I adore surprises, don’t get me wrong, and to her credit, my mom is actually very good at getting me good surprises, but items are on my wish list because I want them.  And, especially since I had a kid, I am less and less likely to buy said items for myself, so getting them is — for me — pretty damn fun.  Also, the older we get and the less intimately privy she is to our interests, she literally begs us to send her wish lists and then complains about the contents (she was (mostly performatively, but somewhat genuinely) irritated with my husband because all of the items on his wish list were books).

I was actually kind of shocked that two of the items my mom got for me off my wish list were two non-binary pride shirts, making this the first time she’s ever acknowledged my affinity for that identity, which was really lovely (less heart-warmingly, but still pretty happily, I also got a The Good Place t-shirt that I am most definitely wearing all the time).  Misha Collins’s The Adventurous Eater’s Club, both the Good Omens TV Companion and Script Book (plus replicas of TV Crowley’s glasses!), and a set each of micron pens and new acrylics and brushes rounded out some of the highlights.  I’m going to do some line tests with the microns in my sketchbook tonight and start working on some art this weekend (after my cleaning project; expect updates about that later).

My son has over 2200 Legos now, and couldn’t be happier.  He’s also been gifted about a half dozen various building sets.  I think all the grandparents are pretty set on raising an engineer.

Oh, and to answer my own question from last time: Bear came in after a bad dream at 6:00 am, at which point I had been awake (and then sort of half dozing) since 4 am.  It was a surprisingly low-key day:  we didn’t actually get out of bed until 7:00, eating breakfast at 8:00, and opening gifts at 9.  We got to my parents’ house at 10 am, and he didn’t open gifts until 1:00 pm, with minimal complaint.  He was incredibly, incredibly patient today, despite being likewise incredibly excited.  I’m very proud of him.

Whether or not you celebrate the holiday, I hope you got some time to relax and spend doing something you love.


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