So It Begins

In an attempt to forge a good habit, the first thing I did when I got up this morning (after getting dressed) was to work on my daily sketch:

20200101_120728.jpgI found the reference pic on, I believe, Gratisography, and loved it because the subject matter are things I spend a lot of time drawing (birds, and mouths/lips, though not usually in such close composition).  That being said, I am dissatidfied with this sketch, and my instinct (which I am fighting tooth and nail this year, since it really is anathema to being creative and taking risks) is to hide it and pretend it doesn’t exist.  I know, in my head, that it’s foolish to expect perfection from myself when I am, by all accounts, a very novice artist with no training, but I can’t help but feel at this point in my life — at my age — I should be able to produce something less amateurish than this.

I feel like the light/dark values in the reference photo were more complex than I was really capable of rendering, especially with a mechanical pencil and a small window of time, and the texturing on both the bird’s wing and the tongue fall a little flat, making the whole image look more two-dimensional than I’d like.  Still, I can look at this and see whats not working and start to consider and brainstorm ways in which I can maybe rectify those problems in the future.  That, I guess, is learning.

Our New Year’s Eve was gratifyingly low key.  We were back home by 9:30ish, because Andy had worked in the morning, and I had been awoken early after a late night during which I had been kept awake by a small, kicking child who’d apparently had a nightmare.  That being said, Raeann’s gathering was just about perfect: lots of food, lots of alcohol, only a handful of people (the regular Game Night crew, a total of about nine of us) and some fun games.  There was a bit of a back and forth about the next game night, and about how I’d been throwing around the idea of hosting a casual game night with a mixed group (Raeann’s Game Night crew and a few other friends of ours), and I think I’m actually going to set a date soon because it’s been ages and ages since I’ve hosted anything.

Today was a quiet day consisting of seeing my folks for a bit, some shopping (and finding a good deal on a ten-piece cooking set; feels good to go into the next decade with all new cookware), and working on more art with my new micron pen set.  This is the start of my new piece, a rework of a watercolor that fell flat (so I thought I’d try a different medium):

20200101_134353 (1).jpg

Tomorrow is my first day back at work since the 20th, and honestly it doesn’t feel like I had a vacation at all.  At least I get to ease back in with a two day work week before the weekend.

Best wishes for a wonderful start to the new year.

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