Here’s a disappointing and anti-climactic daily sketch:

This was done in about fifteen minutes, solely because I didn’t want to skip a day and not because I was particularly moved by the image.  The subtle curves of the handset and the fluorescent light glare off the plastic casing were hard to capture with the minimal shading I did, and the entire drawing is asymmetrical.  I don’t want to play the, “I wasn’t even trying,” card, but by the same token, I honestly wasn’t; I started this sketch knowing I was going to rush it, knowing I wasn’t going to devote the time and focus I’d devoted to the other daily sketches thus far.  Today hasn’t been a bad day, but oh my God, am I tired — I’ve been on my feet since 5:30 am, from classroom work to vocational training, the gym to the grocery store, and then home to cook dinner.  I just do not have the spoons to do anything more thoughtful tonight, but I don’t want to break the momentum.  Powering through and developing the habit is far more important than the products themselves right now.

So, no.  Not my best work, not my best effort.

Actually you might say I… phoned it in.

Thank you, I’ll let myself out.


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