Under the Weather

The daily sketch:


The curse of the Wonky Left Side strikes again.  I’m not even mad about this sketch, honestly; I don’t hate it, I don’t think it’s embarrassing.  It certainly isn’t stunning, but it looks like a young man, relatively proportionate, with appropriate (if a bit too sparse) shading.  Sadly, it doesn’t look a lick like the specific young man I used as a reference photo, which  happened to be Manny Jacinto, possibly one of the most beautiful men I’ve ever seen, if I’m being honest.  It’s a shame I couldn’t capture that.  Manny deserves better (and oh, am I going to miss seeing his face every week on The Good Place).

I’ve felt a bit under the weather today; got minimal chores done (not that the house is in chaos or anything, but I would like to keep it that way) and was just overall lethargic and unmotivated.  I did get in a surprisingly vigorous workout at the gym, finished up The Great Spring, and started work on my next Micron drawing (which I’m excited about), so the day wasn’t a total wash, but it was still less than I had hoped I’d get accomplished.

A friend of mine once told me her therapist recommended she limit her daily to-do list to only three essential items, and all I could think of was, well, how do you define “essential?”  I sometimes feel silly and self-indulgent (bordering on guilty) if all I’ve gotten done in a day is a drawing or a poem, but I know a lot of people consider a creative outlet or routine to be essential to their overall mental health.  It still feels somehow lesser, unless I’ve also, I don’t know, scrubbed out the tub or cleaned the oven as well.

There’s always something I feel I could be doing, and sometimes the more Things I Could Be Doing pile up, the fewer Things I Actually Do.  I don’t (usually) run myself ragged trying to fit everything in; I just fold.  I freeze up, I stagnate.  And as the clutter grows, my ambitions, my motivation, my momentum just shrivels.  It’s awful.

So I will take today for what it was — a decently productive day on the creative front — and not beat myself up over Things Not Done.  But I will have to tip the skills more towards the practical side of things tomorrow.

Hope you all have had a relaxing and/or productive Saturday, whichever you were most hoping to achieve.


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