Little slice of life

I spent the first official day of my vacation at my parents’ house.  Bear got to hang out with the kids — including his cousins — and I got to spend some time with my brother and sister, which is an increasingly rare occurrence, especially since my sister and I had kids.  And honestly, I adore my niece and nephew (and Bear, obviously), but I’ve got to say, more and more I keep thinking that my siblings and I need to plan a Just Us night out.  Nothing especially crazy, just a night out, maybe at a local pub, without kids.  We could leave the kids at home with our partners, go drinking, and then come home and crash — hell, even at my place (my son is quiet, a heavy sleeper, and out like a light by 8:30 even on a bad night).  I miss having time to just shoot the shit with them, you know?  The last time we even really came close to that was our cousin Nikki’s wedding, and that was October of 2018.

I spent a couple of hours art-ing today, which was nice — I did a relatively quick (like maybe an hour and a half?) drawing in my sketchbook, and started another one , the latter being one that I had on the brain for a while, the former just something to occupy my hands while I sat and chatted with my mom and sister this afternoon: 20200217_162447

I also started a working on the poetry challenge that I mentioned in a previous entry, and while I don’t think I’m going to do daily postings, I think I will likely archive them here in batches at some point as I move through them; I may do a batch of postings for accountability, and then archive my favorites for posterity.

Today was immensely enjoyable, but also very much just about spending time with family and family friends in that sort of low-key, very familiar sense — wonderful to experience, but not exciting fodder for a story.  It was chasing toddlers, singing silly songs, laughing with my siblings, going with my sister on a McDonald’s run, coloring with my son, doing my nieces nails, etc.  I was dropped at my folks house at 7 am and picked up at about 5:30 pm, so it really was basically the whole day.

There were two little things that transpired today that did find it’s way to my other social media, so I’ll share them here.

First is my sister’s epic shirt (if you’re a fan of Les Miserables, which — if you don’t know, I will get into someday — my sister and I are superfans of):

Who else mentally added “….24601?”

And this anecdote, which is honestly a recurring theme with my brother and I (see also: the time we all got drunk and put him in charge of the Twister spinner):

So Rob told Bear and Boopy they had to wait for the walkie-talkies to charge before they could use them, mainly so they’d stop whining for them for a while. The base light on the charger was red, and he told them they’d have to wait until it turned green before they could use it.

“That light doesn’t actually change color,” he tells me. “I just told them that.”

Well, a while later, they both come running in yelling that it’s green. Rob blows them off for a bit, but they’re insistent, so he goes and investigates. A minute later, he calls me in.

“What color is that light?”

“….It’s green, Rob.”

My brother, once again, temporarily forgetting that he’s colorblind.

It’s Monday.  If you were off for the holiday, I hope it was relaxing, and if you weren’t, you are amazing, you are wonderful, and I hope people treated you with the kindness and respect you deserve.  You’ve gotten through the hardest day, just put one foot in front of the other; you’ll get where you’re going one step at a time.

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