A Hint of Nostalgia

Today has been a fantastically lazy day.  I spent the latter half of the night on the couch yet again because of The Cough That Just Won’t Quit, and Bear came bounding down the stairs at about 6:45 am, Pokedex in hand, and body-slammed me where I lay.  We cuddled, watching Brainchild, until around 9:00, when I finally got up an prepped up a vacation-worthy breakfast of scrambled eggs, toast, corned beef hash, and apple sauce.

While I worked today, I was feeling nostalgic and went over to YouTube and started streaming Welcome to Night Vale, starting right from the Pilot.  It’s a trip, let me tell you; I’d nearly forgotten how much I absolutely adore early Night Vale, and over a year removed from actually keeping up with the show, it’s sometimes easy to forget what made me fall in love with the show and its stories in the first place.  I fell into the fandom during a bout with a mild flu, in December 2013; I remember waking up from a bizarre fever dream, Night Vale still playing in my headphones, the opening chords of Danny Schmidt’s “This Too Shall Pass”¹ rousing me to semi-wakefulness.  In January of 2014, my fandom in full swing, I attended a standing room only Night Vale panel at my first Arisia, followed by a wonderful, small impromptu meet-up afterward, and scored tickets to what would be the first of five live shows I would see them perform.  In spite of falling out of the fandom, it remains one of the best ones I’ve ever been in, and I have wonderful memories of it.

Cecil Baldwin (The Voice of Night Vale) and I; March 1st, 2014.  This was the last time he wore anything nearly this tame on stage, lol.

The fruits of my labor today are the beginnings of a painting, the background of which I adore, though I think I’m going paint over the foreground, and the beginning of a drawing.  The drawing is two days deep at the moment, and I’m incredibly happy with how it’s turning out, though I need to find a few more visual references for the sketch before I can even think about inking.

It’s Tuesday night — tomorrow is halfway (including for my vacation, sadly).  Treat yourself to something special, get a good night’s rest, and brace yourself for the hurdle.  I’ll see you on the other side.


¹To this day, Danny Schmidt’s “This Too Shall Pass” remains not only one of my favorite Weathers, but one of my favorite songs, full-stop:



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