Creativity Dump

I’d forgotten how fun Twitter prompts were.

Back in the day, like a hundred iterations of the blog ago (ok, so probably like, early 2016) I used to do Twitter prompts all the time.  I don’t know when or why I fell out of it; I think because I felt obligated to turn every prompt into some elaborate, epic poem, when really the point was to create a piece of micro-poetry that could — gasp — be posted on Twitter.

Returning to it this past week, man, it is fun.  The really strictly condensed prompt tags like #hintfiction (25 words or less), #storyin12 (12 words or less) and #hangtenstories (10 words or less), as well as #haikuchallenge have been a source or real, genuine creative enjoyment for me these last few days.  I’ve actually decided to start a monthly archive of my filled prompts on my Poetry and Other Writing Page.  You can read them here.

I also finished a drawing last night, which got a much, much warmer reception on Facebook than I was expecting:


I am ever grateful that tomorrow is Wednesday.  Hopefully I can be a bit productive around the house and maybe even get some exercise in.

Take a minute to breathe, guys.  In and out, slow and steady.  We can do this.


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