31 Day Challenge: Day 6


Popping in very quickly after an absolutely exhausting day just to keep my current streak!

6.  My Five Senses Currently

Watching/Sight:  I just finished watching the latest two episodes of Steven Universe Future, “In Dreams” and “Bismuth Casual,” and wow, what a welome, delightful palate cleanser after the last run of episodes.  Of course, having two incredibly soft episodes in a row pretty much means that the rest of the run (I can’t believe there’ll be no more Steven Universe after March 30?!) is going to be a gut punch.  Also, I am unexpectedly but whole-heartedly shipping Pearl/Bismuth now.

Listening to/Sound:  I was listening to the latest episode of The Worst Bestsellers this morning while I was getting ready for work, but only got about 45 minutes into it before I had to pack up and leave the house, so I never finished it.  It’s about Portrait of a Killer – Jack the Ripper: Case Closed, by Patricia Cornwell, which sounds absolutely awful and I was really enjoying listening to them rip on it.  Once I’m settled in bed and Andy is ready for lights out, I’ll probably plug in my headphones and finish it.

Smell/Scent:  My mom got her first ever Fab Fit Fun box and was showing off all her products including something called “Jaboneria Marianella Imperial Jade Body Oil,” which she so persuasively convinced me to try by saying, “I hate the smell of this, put it on.”  It… was not awful, actually, but I did think it smelled vaguely familiar.  I’m sure that the scent varies based on your body chemistry and likely how acute your sense of smell is (mine is shot to hell from chronic sinus problems and years of living with/being a smoker), but finally it ht me that the familiar notes in the scent was basically, uh, Lemon Pledge.

Taste/Eating/Drinking:  I have managed to fend off the desire to snack binge for the last two hours, but within the next 20 minutes, I’m likely going to eat  blueberry fruit br and probably polish off an Orange Vanilla Coke.

Touch:  I mean.  The keyboard, I suppose.  Also, blessedly soon, my bed.  Hurrah.

It. Is. Friday.  Blessed-fucking-be, y’all.  Go, go to bed.  Sweet dreams.  You can deal with whatever it is in the morning.  Go chill.

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