Restlessness (31 Day Challenge: Day 7)

31dayblogchallenege7.  Guilty Pleasures

Here’s a cop-out answer that’s also an honest one:  I don’t have guilty pleasures, because I don’t feel guilty for my pleasures.  But, I know that’s not really in the spirit of the challenge, so I’ll give an honest answer.  Let’s do a Top Five.

Cosmo magazine.  Some of the sex tips therein should honestly be considered war crimes, but I can’t help but love their anecdotal features; the most embarrasing moments, the worst dates ever, and their advice section is actually general reasonable.  Bonus points for actually being pretty sex positive and at least acknowledging queer and non-binary folk, so that’s pretty cool.

Buzzfeed listicles.  Because sometimes I need something brainless to scroll through.  They actually have decent harder-hitting reporting, but if I’m heading to Buzzfeed, it’s for stress-free, mindless laughter.  Twitter is a quagmire, so I like any place where I can find quality, funny tweets without having to slog through the mire (they really, really need to work on how often they repeat old tweets.  They do it a lot.  Like, a startling amount).

Lindt truffles and/or Milano cookies.  I can suck back a bag of either of these at a time, left to mine own devices.  We don’t buy them too often (and actually, given how pricey Milanos are, I’m actually looking at trying my hand at making a batch on my own soon).

Jose Cuervo Ready-to-Drink Margaritas.  This has become a problem.  Ugh.  Margaritas are my go to drink, and they are so pricey, but I can buy a 1.75 liter bottle of margs for $13.50?  Brilliant.

The filter button on AO3.  I know some people love to just browse fic archives, but I sail on over to my favorite fandoms (or pairings), and filter down to my most specific whims/kinks (again, depending on my mood).  Finding something that hits that specific niche desire is incredibly satisfying.  And it’s always so heartening when you discover that clearly you are’t the only one with this particular thing on the brain.  How nice is it to know you aren’t alone?

I have been insanely low energy today.  I had wanted/intended to do chores today, but I wound up hanging out with Bear and Andy for a good chunk of the morning before heading out to meet Greg, Becky, and the baby for lunch.  Lunch was amazing; we went to our favorite Indian place again, and they had one of the best spreads they’ve had in a while (literally everything the serve there is amazing, but they had a pakora variation that was absolutely delicious and my favorite dessert (galub jamun), so it was especially good today).

After that, I don’t know; my energy just sort of fizzled.  I came home and napped, then spent some time playing BitLife and watching my favorite YouTube Reaction channels react to the newest episodes of Steven Universe Future.  I did eventually drag myself up and managed to put away last week’s laundry and clean a bunch of trash out of my bedroom.  That felt good, at least, and made me feel like I had done something useful today.

I feel like the ambient stress of the world/current events is weighing on me more than I would like it to, and absolutely draining me.  On the bright side, I feel like I’ve been a lot friendlier and more social with my coworkers, and feel so, so supported and cared for at work, and I’m feeling very creatively fulfilled as of late, as well. It’s just in my more unstructured down time when I sort of just feel like zoning out. All in all, my own life is actually going pretty well, but I just don’t have a ton of energy right now to really enjoy it, unfortunately.

Tomorrow I’m going to devote more time to doing some chores, and hopefully start the next Miss Peregrine book.  It’s been languishing in my Libby app for almost two weeks now, but I’ve been trying to focus my attention on The Fifth Season (which, oh God, is so good.  Why did it take me so long to get around to reading it?)

Saturday night.  Cuddle up with someone you love, turn off your brain, and indulge in some self-care.  No judgement.  Just enjoy yourself.

One thought on “Restlessness (31 Day Challenge: Day 7)

  1. Them guilty pleasures will get ya! This was an entertaining read, well done.

    I love this Blog Challenge idea! It’s a great way to get writing prompts for posts!
    I love the concept of clarity, awareness, and challenge. My favorite topics to talk about!

    Thanks for sharing!


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