31 Day Challenge: Day 8


8.  What’s In My Bag

I don’t carry a purse.  I’ll shove a random assortment of stuff into a bag before I go out, but I don’t maintain a purse because I really don’t like carrying something around.  I use a huge messenger bag (technically a Handbag of Holding) for work and for the convention circuit (nice to have so much storage when I’m traipsing around the hotel and con space), so I guess I’ll go with what’s currently in that bag.

Approximately 500,000 pens and pencils.  I have absolutely, honestly no idea how the hell I amassed the collection of writing utensils I have.  I think I must mindlessly pick up the pens and pencils kids leave behind, grab random classroom pencils to, say, write a pass and stick in unthinkingly into my bag, etc.  It works because I’m constantly handing pencils and pens out to kids, but it’s still an almost inhuman number of pencils to be carting around.

Nasal spray and about 4 half empty packs of personal Kleenex.

Cherry Chapstick.

My badges, one for work-work, and one for job site-work.

Book I am currently reading.

A PJ Masks Art Activity kit, because I have a kid and I need to have something like that on hand whenever I might be out with him for a while.

A proper charger for my phone.

Empty wrappers for:  Listerine Chew Tablets, Nature’s Bakery Blueberry Fig Bars, probably Sun Chips, possibly a Mott’s Fruit Pouch.

About, I don’t know, $.55 in random change?

My wallet, but not always, because if I’ve done any online shopping recently, it’ll take me at least two weeks to remember to put it back in my bag.

Bathroom/room keys for work.

How are you all holding up after the time change?  I didn’t get up until about 8, which isn’t super unusual for me on a weekend (and I went to bed a bit later) so it shouldn’t hit me too hard, but I’m feeling edgy and anxious regardless, and part of me is screaming, “take a sick day, you have plenty,” especially because Bear is clearly coming down with something and I should probably steal myself for getting it soon (no real cough and no fever, so it’s not coronavirus… though he insists it is).  I just feel perpetually So Stressed, and what I really need is a day to catch up with shit, and then a day alone — like, alone alone.  No kid, no husband.  A day when I can get up, have coffee while catching up on my YouTube channels, turn up my favorite podcasts and do some art, read, nap, and just veg out.

What I really need is a vacation that’s an actual vacation.  That’s not in the cards at the moment, though.  Won’t be until at least July, and even that’s up in the air (though it’s also our ten year anniversary, so if it’s going to happen, it’ll happen then).

Anyway, it’s Sunday night.  Try to rest and start the week off on the right foot.  It’s only five days, come on.  You got this.

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