NaPoWriMo: Day 5


March seemed eternal, yet
How far removed I feel today
From the ice-capped mornings,
Watching the snow melt out
In an ever widening radius
From the hot-spot epicenters
Above the rabbit burrows.

But today, buds like tight-clenched fists
Shake beneath the weight of birds
Hopping anxiously on the boughs
Of trees, worrying small stones
They take for bread, wondering
Where we’ve all gone, when
The shuffling, kerchiefed women
Will again open their doors,
to toss out seed for them.

Prompt Day Five:  Went off-prompt today.  I’ve been having a rough weekend, emotionally, in fits and patches.  I’ve also been overthinking all my poems, as I tend to do, but I’m proud of this one.  For once I turned my brain off, and this happened in about ten minutes.  It’s not ground-breaking, but I’m happy with it.  I’ll take it.

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