Happy Pride & An Attempt to Banish Art Block

I’ve not done any original art in what is probably about a week now. I would say that’s unacceptable, but what good is that — it doesn’t change anything. I’ve been feeling less than inspired and overall just kind of blah. I’d run through my backlog of ideas — which, to be fair, took me nearly six months, so that’s not awful. I’m the person who used to stew for weeks and not have any ideas they deemed worthy of committing to paper, so in the context of my personal history, that’s pretty good.

Still, this isn’t where I want to be.

I thought I had a solution; I was going through old art of my from last summer, when I was head-over-heels, up-to-my-neck submerged in the Good Omens fandom, and I found a piece of fanart. I had painted, in watercolor, a version of a Tarot card (The Lovers) featuring Aziraphale and Crowley. I was an even less skilled artist than I am now, and yet I still really liked the piece, even upon rediscovery.

I thought I might like to try my hand and doing a partial Tarot deck — a few of the Major Arcana, maybe — in my own style and interpretation (but not fanart). I know it’s not a groundbreaking concept (I think everyone and their mother has done a Tarot deck), but because it’s slightly derivative, it gives me the structure I need to function when I fall into one of these Brain Weird spirals.

I still plan on doing that, by the way, but if I’m doing my own take on something, I want it to the best possible take, which means some research. I wanted something I could jump into right away.

And then I found out about #DrawingPride.

June is LGBTQ Pride Month, and to celebrate, some queer artists participate in a 30 day art challenge. My schedule, skill level, and Brain Weird won’t allow for a consistent work a day without stressing me the hell out, so I don’t think I’m going to participate officially, but I am going to draw some inspiration from the prompts and aim for two per week (which will ideally be about ten in total).

I’m also not going to adhere to the chronological prompts for 2020, but pick and choose the ones I most relate to from the past three years (including the current one):

For instance, I really feel no authority to do twink or leather, bathhouse or ballroom; but bisexual, safe space, genderqueer, transition, nonbinary, family, equality, etc.? Those I’m down with. Those I feel comfortable and confident in putting to paper, because they are much more in line with my own experiences.

So this is what I’ll be spending June doing, and during the in-between times I’ll be doing a little research into the symbology of traditional Tarot cards so that I can attempt to capture the essence and meaning of the cards in my own interpretation.

Let’s see how this works out for me.

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