The Big Clean 2.0

So we are past Thanksgiving, which means — in my eyes at least — it’s basically Christmas. And once it’s (basically) Christmas, the year is (basically) over.

Can you believe??

There are some days I wake up and 2020 has felt interminable, and some mornings where I wake up surprised at the chill in the air because part of my brain has stalled out in mid-March, but either way, next week in the first week of December. 2020 has days left in it.

Fucking finally, honestly. Despite being cautiously optimistic about the new year — Trump finally ousted, several potential vaccines, a number of personal projects on the horizon — I’m trying not to get too ahead of myself. There’s still a ways to go, I know, and likely I’ll be spending the earlier part of the year still mostly homebound (which isn’t necessarily the worst thing, honestly). But, if I’m going to still be stuck at home, my home is going to be my fucking sanctuary.

So, it’s time to start prepping for The Big Clean 2.0.

I did a Big Clean last year; it was part of the earliest days of this iteration of the blog. Essentially, I made a massive list of things to do around the house, and tore the house apart, one room at a time, in the liminal space between Christmas and New Year’s. Walls were scrubbed, cabinets were reorganized, matresses were flipped, linens were laundered, closets were cleared out.

After spending most of this year in the house, rest assured that there is much to be done this year as well.

The purpose of The Big Clean — my entire point in doing it last year — was the idea that, I am most creative and more productive when I set myself up for success. I have considerable executive functioning issues, so the more scaffolding I can put into place to establish organization, routines, schedules, etc. the better my mental, emotional, and creative health. In the past, that has meant creating daily schedules and checklists, buying and organizing craft and home storage, and getting a daily planner.

Most of those items from last year have fallen by the wayside as my needs have changed and adapted to our “new normal;” my morning routine is significantly different to what it used to be, my nutritional and exercise needs are drastically different (and my health, as I’ve mentioned before, is suffering as a result), and my systems of organization need refining, especially as I am using my crafting supplies more frequently and need to figure out how to adapt the storage to be both more mobile (I do a lot of work in my living room) and more inconspicuous (for the same reason).

It also means refreshing my perspective, my goals, and my personal space — both online and off. My bucket list, for example, has lain stagnant on this website for a while — I frequently forget to update and check in on it, and it doesn’t get a ton of engagement. That last part doesn’t bother me per se — I keep it because I like documenting my progress in pursuit of goals for personal accountability, and that was a major part of starting this blog — but, sans regular engagement, I often forget that it’s there, and if I’m not checking in on it every once in a while, I’m likely not making any progress on it, either. That being said, there are also a number of goals I’d put on this list out of a feeling of obligation, and goals I kept off out of a sense of them being a bridge too far, and neither of those things is really conducive to keeping a bucket list. The items should be a true reflection of your personal goals and desires, and not dictated by how obligated you feel to achieve them (“I should really put ‘write a novel’ on there, even though I really don’t love writing long-form fiction, because isn’t that the ultimate Writer’s Aspiration?”) or how plausible they seem (“I mean, touring around Italy sounds amazing, but would we ever really be able to afford it?” Bitch, if you make it a priority and shop smart, you might). I will be moving my bucket list, going forward, to a social bucket list site — DayZeroProject, or one of the Bucketlists, .org or .net ,who knows — which I can still link from here, but through which I can also gain targeted engagement with likeminded folks, so that hopefully my goals will stay closer to the forefront of my mind than they do with the current, less dynamic system.

I’m also going to take down my art page and link instead to an off-site gallery — I’m currently on DeviantArt, and actually like the community, so I may stay there and link to my DeviantArt portfolio — in order to save space on my account, and I have a lot of poetry from past NaPoWriMos and other older, abandoned projects to include in my Writing archive.

This weekend, I will be setting the list of To Dos for The Big Clean 2.0; I learned some things from last year that I will be implementing this year (i.e., the proper order in which to tear apart a room to avoid driving yourself crazy; where you can cut corners without feeling like you’re slacking; where the extra time and effort is really needed, etc) and made some discoveries along the way (such as how satisfying it is to own actual art from independent makers as opposed to mass market trinkets, and how that’s going to be a goal of mine in 2021, as well as creating a place in my home to properly display it (that’s going on the bucket list; you’ll see).

Anyway, I have my work cut out for me this weekend, since along with all this planning, I have two piece of art I’m working on, and a lot of organizational stuff I need to do in order to prep for work on Monday and Tuesday.

Anyone else, with a glimmer of hope in their hearts, planning for the new year?

Stay safe and sane. Stay hopeful.

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