A Bit of a Bland (and late) Wrap-Up

Life… uh, has been tricky lately.

I hesitate to say “bad,” because I continue to be incredibly lucky and incredibly privelleged in the midst of a lot of misfortune and chaos, but that doesn’t mean that things have been sunshine and cupcakes. There’s been a lot of crying and not much sleeping the last few days — and while tears and insomnia are no strangers to me even in Normal Time, it’s been accompanied by me sort of “giving up” on a lot of things, like attempts to eat well or clean my house. I’m sure it’s just another slump, since I’m not bottoming out with sadness, I just feel… worn out.

All this to say, my planned January Wrap-up did not happen as scheduled because I couldn’t motivate myself to both photograph and/or upload every work, and then to sit in front of the computer and string words together. I do want to update as to what I did, though, and what some of the upcoming little projects are, as well as where to track my progress in something like “real time,” but let’s get to all of that in its time.

So, despite what might have been COVID burnout, seasonal depression, or my typical anxiety, in January I managed to finish:

  1. Canvas board painting (acrylic) of a Cthulu-esque monster emerging from a red door, suspended in the air above a forest clearing.
  2. Canvas board acrylic of a series of concentric eyes, painted in very stark red, yellow, black, and white (this was the, “stop climbing the damn walls” painting I did on January 6th, after the incident at the Capitol)
  3. Canvas board acrylic of a very wholesome YouTuber before he was a wholesome YouTuber (it’s a long story, but it feels weird even having painted this one, so I don’t know if I will ultimately share it, even though it came out pretty well).
  4. Digital painting of a crying woman holding a clay bowl of her own tears as they nourish some lush foliage
  5. Digital painting of a women (with a bird’s beak) with a toucan perched on her finger
  6. My Tarot project! (though I can’t share it yet)
  7. Sketchbook acrylic of my wife
  8. Sketchbook prismacolor (and gesso) of a purple dahlia
  9. Three ATCs
  10. Five of ten nesting dolls (the remaining five put put me over the edge, so I’m not touching them for a while)

For this month, I have already started, let’s see… four projects in my sketchbook, one digitally, and I’ve taken my own reference photos for another one. So, if nothing else, I am making things, and honestly the making things helps. Like, a lot.

All of the January work will eventually find it’s way to my DeviantArt, and if you are interested in WIP shots of anything and everything I’m working on (and lower quality pics of finished projects than what winds up on DeviantArt), you can also follow my art Instagram at rarely.tidy.art.

I hope you are all finding it in yourself to continue creating — even if it’s not “good,” even if it’s not up to your standards, even if it’s just doodled marginalia or scraps of poetry that will otherwise never see the light of day. Keep moving.

I am going to have some coffee before a string of about a half dozen meetings I have starting just before 10. I’m grateful for the weekend and for more time to make.

Take care of yourselves, and stay safe and sane.

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