A-to-Z Challenge: Animal/Arrogant/Aid

That’s your father’s side,” her mother sighed. “Stubborn as an ox, and twice as thick.”
“And strong,” Amara countered. She raised her chin, her head bobbing slightly as Aldwyn adjusted his balance. “Strong, and resilient. Unmoving. There are worse creatures to be compared to.”
Aldwyn cawed; Amara heard her mother drawn in a startled breath. She grinned.
“Adwyn agrees with me,” she said.

We could get you a nurse–“
“I don’t need a nurse,” she sneered. “I don’t need a nanny, or a caretaker, I don’t need fussing about at all hours of the day. I need eyes, for God’s sake. Find me a nurse with better eyes than Aldwyn. Then we can have this conversation.”

Day One! Always exciting to start a new challenge. Let me lay out the parameters again; I’m using a random word generator to generate three words to inspire a rough sketch and a few sentence of a story. The goal for April is idea generation; I will spend May fleshing out my five favorites.

Today was A, and the words were animal, arrogant, and aid. Here we have a young noble named Amara and her faithful, literally eagle-eyed companion, Aldwyn. Amara is blind and quite effectively uses Aldwyn as a service animal, though her mother is not fond of the arrangement.

I find the premise fun and intriguing, though I don’t know if this will be one of the piece I continue in May. I’ve had very mixed experiences illustrating birds, but we’ll see.

On to the next! Stay safe and sane. I’ll be starting my blog hopping tomorrow.

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