I really wish I could come back after a full-on month-and-a-half and show you a boatload of work that I’ve completed, but that is not the case.

Which is not to say, yet again, that I am not doing any art. I completed a piece since last we met (it’s on Insta and on DeviantArt for the curious, though I won’t post it here directly until I have enough to do a full “art dump”). I have another that’s in the digital painting stages, another that’s a pencil sketch still getting reworked, a few drawings that I will likely post (but will never evolve beyond the sketch stage), and several ideas still waiting in the wings.

Work’s just been kicking my ass again, is all.

Returning to work full-time has been so wonderful in so many ways — I’ve been feeling more productive, I’ve been feeling more social, I’ve been more physically active, eating on more of a schedule, yada yada yada. Lot’s of good to having a schedule, a sense of normalcy, and regular social interaction again.

I’ve also been more tired, more emotional, more anxious… you get the idea.

It’s been a mixed bag, but ultimately I am happy to be working again. I’m just struggling to find a balance, as I always am.

Normally — ha, I say “normally” when it’s really only been the last three years — normally I would be doing Inktober in October, but because of both my own burnout and because of the debacle surrounding Inktober last year (if you don’t know, you can Google it, it was a kind of a big deal in the online art community), I will instead be participating in Drawtober, which is six prompts spread over thirty days. The official Twitter is @Drawtober, and the official prompt list is here:

#Drawtober2021, if you are interested in participating. I’m currently most excited about Fortune Teller, Living Curiosities, and The Ring Master — I might take certain liberties with that last one, but hey, creative interpretations are always encouraged.

Anyway, I am still here; I am still keeping on. I have a zine I am waiting for a response on as well, so I am keeping as creatively busy as I am mentally/physically/emotionally capable of being, I am just very bad about telling you all about it. I am considering doing NaPoBloMo in November (as opposed to NaNoWriMo) and blogging every day, but I’m really going to have to wait and see what shape November looks like it will take before I make that commitment. I’m hopefully, though; I have a lot of both personal and creative things I want to get out there.

Last but not least, it was absolutely gorgeous the last two days — perfect sweater weather, absolutely beautiful. I am glad to see fall. I am glad to see the earth still spinning.

Stay safe and sane, and I hope to see you soon.

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