About the Blog

Hello!  Thanks for braving the chaos and visiting Rarely Tidy Ramblings.  I’m hoping you find something here to pique your interest.

I started on WordPress several years ago, and this site has had a number of different incarnations in a relatively brief period of time; I toyed with keeping it as a creative writing blog, then a lifestyle blog, a parenting blog, a “life with ADHD” blog, and none of them felt right.

Because what I really wanted to do was a throwback — a personal blog.  And not like a “marketing myself as a branded entity” kind of personal blog, but an honest-to-God personal blog, where I could just come and talk and share my thoughts and interests and, if I’m lucky, find and connect with people who share in those interest, or who relate to my thoughts and perspective on things.

Look, I was raised on LiveJournal, and while that place was kind of a pit in some ways (the angst! the drama!), it was also a strangely welcoming little niche where awkward, geeky folk like me found a lot of kindred spirits during a time in our lives where it often felt like what we were going through was something unique and unfathomable to anyone other than ourselves.  LiveJournal and personal blogging gave me a space where I was able to connect with people during a uniquely isolating time in my life.

I’m no longer the teen or young adult I was when I started on LiveJournal back in 2000.  I’m nearly 37 now; an employed, married homeowner with a child.  But the circumstances of my life — however ultimately happy I am with my life — can still feel just as isolating.  I’m neurodivergent and grappling with the responsibilities of daily life, parenthood, and trying to reclaim a sense of self and creativity at a time in my life when it becomes, famously (almost laughable) difficult to keep up with existing friendships, let alone forge new ones.

And so I turn to the Internet yet again.  Perhaps you’ve done the same, for similar reasons.

Perhaps it’s fortunate that we’ve found each other.