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Jessica.  37 years old.  North of Boston. Married.  Parent to a pre-schooler.  Bisexual.  Non-binary/genderqueer.  She/her and they/them pronouns.  Degree in English/Gender Studies.  Works in academia/education and vocational training.  Neurodivergent.  Anxious.  



Writing.  Painting.  Journalling.  Blogging.  NaNoWriMo.  Fanfic.  Fandom and fan culture.  Language [Spanish, ASL].  DIY and crafting.  Collage. Bargain hunting.  Cooking.  Working out.  Point-and-click gaming.  Escape-the-room games.  Musical theatre.  Board games and party games.  Karaoke.  Bar hopping.  Poetry readings and open mics.  Cryptograms, sudoku, and puzzles.  Conventions.  Reading.  Sketching.  LGBTQ culture. Jewelry-making.  Sculpey and polymer work.  Paper crafts.  Neurodiversity and education.  Parenting.  Gender and sexuality.  Animation and cartoons.  Graphic novels.




Teal and rose gold.  Rainy nights.  Shadows under streetlamps.  Ceramics owls.  Thrifting, bargain hunting, and upcycling.  Dollar Tree hauls.  Boston Beautease.  Rogue Burlesque.  Local burlesque and striptease.  Simu Liu.  Cabaret.  Baking shows.  Alton Brown.  Jacques Torres.  AO3.  Arisia and local conventions.  Collecting memorable or meaningful quotes.  Typographical tattoos.  Vocal quirks.  Misha Collins.  Completely unexpected crushes on completely unexpected people.  Winged eyeliner. Stand-up and improv.  Coffee scented anything. Marvel movies. Cold brew coffee.  Huge mugs. Vintage patterns.  FKiSS dolls.  Makeover/dressup mobile games.  David Tennant’s hips.  Pale nails.  Nail art.  Acrylic paints.  Blanks planners and notebooks.  Instagram.  The Boston skyline.  Late nights in hotel.  Margaritas.  Jack and Coke.  Podcasts.  Lin-Manuel Miranda.  Crooked teeth.   Young adult lit.  Children’s books.  Text t-shirts.  Succulents.  The Oxford comma.  Soap cutting.  Sudoku and cryptograms.  Gourmet donuts.  Coffee with heavy cream.  Cats.  Robert Downey Jr.  Gender fluidity.  Black eyeliner.  Cosplay.  Found art.  Black out poetry.  Bohemian jewelry.  Nerdy fashion.  Fandom t-shirts.  Unnaturally colored hair.

media and fandoms.

Musical theatre, especially Hamilton; Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812; Les Miserables; Fun Home, Waitress, Phantom of the Opera, Hadestown, Spongebob Squarepants.  The Good Place.  Bob’s Burgers.  Good Omens.  Kim’s Convenience.  Steven Universe.  Sherlock.  Doctor Who.  Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Podcasts:  Welcome to Night Vale, The Worst Bestsellers, I Don’t Even Own a Television, Alice Isn’t Dead, Forking Bullshirt, What You Talking, My Favorite Murder, Quick Questions with Soren and Dan, Teen Creeps.  Good Eats.  Great British Baking Show.  Nailed It!  Cutthroat Kitchen.  Chopped.  Sugar Rush.  Queer Eye.  

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