About Me

Jess, 38.  North of Boston.  INFJ.  Celebrating a decade of marriage to my wife in July 2020.  Parent to a five-year-old code-named Bear.  Educator (ESP) and vocational coach, primarily of autistic teens and young adults.  Neurodivergent and anxious.  Queer.  Non-binary/genderqueer and using she/they pronouns.

Undergrad degree from Merrimack College in English and Gender Studies.  Nearly completed an M.Ed. in Special Education from Cambridge College before dropping out four credits shy of graduation.  Call me a quitter, but overall, I don’t regret the decision.

I grew up in the age of LiveJournal, and returned to blogging primarily to reclaim that sense of camaraderie LiveJournal could foster at its best: people coming together to share common interests, experiences, or goals, and to offer support and feedback along the way.

I’m at the stage of my life now — forty looming on the horizon, relatively financially-stable, and with a child who is no longer wholly reliant on me every waking moment — where I’m seeking to reclaim my own identity as a human being and as a creative individual.  I’ve spent the last year experimenting with various techniques for both acrylic and watercolor painting, and the last couple of months on 2019 beginning to teach myself American sign language.  It’s a healthy start, I feel, but there is so much more I want to do, and I fare so much better when I have a social circle to hold me accountable.

If you are likewise on a similar journey of reclamation or self (re)discovery, and interested in getting to know people as people (not as brands or branded identities), I would love if you’d give me a follow.

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