About Me

Untitled designHello, and thank you so much for braving the chaos of Rarely Tidy Ramblings!  I’m glad you’re here.

I started this blog in June 2018, hoping to meet and connect with other moms who, like me, considered themselves on a journey navigating adulthood, parenthood, and the disorganized messes and creative chaos of their own minds.

I’ve struggled with time management and executive functioning issues my whole life.  As a student, it meant pulling tearful all-nighters to finish all my assignments (but also, always getting A’s).  As an artist and writer, it means perpetual dissatisfaction with my seeming inability to translate a “brilliant” idea into a finished product.  As an adult, it means setting timers and alarms for even the most basic of life functions (and sometimes still forgetting them), and losing basically everything I put my hands on, the moment it leaves my hands.  And as a parent, trying to find a balance?  It means frustration, anxiety, and always feeling a little bit like I’m losing my mind.

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In the hopes of organizing my chaotic thoughts and commiserating with like-minded parents, I decided to do what many folk from my generation do – I turned to the internet, and to the world of blogging.  If you are interested in thoughts on parenting, homemaking, cooking, books, crafts, creativity, life, and living with neurodiversity, then please stick around!

Outside of this blog, I live in Massachusetts with my husband, Andy, and our three-and-a-half year old son, Bear (a code name for the purposes of this blog – Bear is not his real name!).  I work in Special Education and as a vocational coach, and while I routinely complain about how school breaks are never long enough, I am incredibly lucky to actually really love my job.

When I’m not at work or taking care of Bear, my life consists of a lot of “would be” hobbies, that never quite pan out; so while I’d love to tell you how my days are full of working out, reading, writing beautiful poetry, etc., the list of things I actually do is less impressive:

  • scrolling through Netflix for hours without ever actually watching anything;
  • pinning things to Pinterest I have no real intention of ever making/reading/doing
  • watching the same John Mulaney stand-up specials over and over
  • eating nothing but carbs, never working out, and acting surprised/outraged every time I step on the scale
  • telling my husband I’ll “get up in a minute” and sprawling the like a starfish across the bed in his absence
  • drinking wine
  • forgetting to load the dishwasher and complaining as I drink coffee out of a cereal bowl

…and so on.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog.  Hopefully we’ll learn more from and about each other soon.


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