About Me

Jess, 39. North of Boston. INFJ. Educator and vocational coach by day, aspirational artist/writer/creator by night. Married to my wife of eleven years, parent to a six year old code-named (for the purposes of this blog) Bear. Queer/bisexual. Non-binary/genderqueer. They/she pronouns.

I’ve always been a creative person, though rampant untreated ADHD and anxiety has often hindered those creative impulses, either through innate executive dysfunction or the insidious paralysis of anxious self-doubt. While my first love was writing — and while writing still holds a special place in my heart — in 2020, I made a conscious decision to center visual art more firmly in my life. I currently work most often with a combination of graphite and digital art, though I also occasionally use acrylics, and am hoping to branch out to more watercolor work this summer.

My blog focuses mostly on my art and creativity journey, though often filtered through the lense of balancing art with the other defining aspects of my life — neurodivergence, parenting, full-time employment, manic fits of ambition. I juggle/struggle with an overwhelming wealth of Things I Want to Do, while being cursed with exceedingly low executive functioning and energy, and this blog is just as much about that — trying to maximize my time, my ability, my potential, without sacrificing my mental and emotional well-being.

This blog, I suppose, is just another journey into hopeful self-actualization, with a sharper focus on creativity and organization than most.

For more of an idea of what those Things I Want to Do actually, are, please check out my Bucket List over at DayZeroProject.

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