Learn ASL


I’m a little later than planned at updating this, but, hey y’all, I’ve been learning ASL!  I made a resolution to start this summer, sometime between the end of summer program and the start of the regular school year.  I’ve been going strong for about 9 or so weeks now; I initiallt started at SignSchool.com, but exhausted their Beginner section in like two weeks (and there is no bridge between the Beginner and Intermediate level?  I don’t know, I really liked the premise of the site, but I can’t actually recommend it if you’re trying to learn ASL) and moved on to LifePrint.com. which is an amazing site that I’m mildly obsessed with.  I’m on lesson 8 currently, still very slow in both receptive and expressive signing, but I’m retaining the signs, and at a slow speed, I’m starting to follow basic exchanges.  I’m super proud of myself for sticking with this at this level of dedication for as long as I have.  This is not something I would have been able to sustain a few years ago.