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Uplifting Update: Successful Folks with ADHD

These three challenges this month have been undeniably rewarding, but still incredibly tough.  I've really been pantsing it lately -- especially with my Camp NaNoWriMo project -- so I've been trying to take my own advice and, when I'm feeling exceptionally blocked or just generally burnt out, letting myself phone it in a bit, sigh,… Continue reading Uplifting Update: Successful Folks with ADHD

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Poetry and Imposing Restrictions

Say it with me:  I work best under an externally imposed structure.  I need some sort of scaffolding and some sort of blueprint or guide to follow in order to best function.  That's why schedules and checklists work well for me, and why I always performed exceptionally well in class, but often had panic-ridden, down-to-the-wire… Continue reading Poetry and Imposing Restrictions