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So It’s NOT Just Because I’m “Lazy…!”

I've got -- how to put it -- a complicated relationship with my weight. I fully and wholeheartedly believe in "beauty at any size," "down with diets," all that stuff -- but frankly, growing up fat, it is hard to not internalize negative messages about your body, even if you don't globalize them (i.e., I… Continue reading So It’s NOT Just Because I’m “Lazy…!”

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Poetry and Imposing Restrictions

Say it with me:  I work best under an externally imposed structure.  I need some sort of scaffolding and some sort of blueprint or guide to follow in order to best function.  That's why schedules and checklists work well for me, and why I always performed exceptionally well in class, but often had panic-ridden, down-to-the-wire… Continue reading Poetry and Imposing Restrictions

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Organization and Keeping Things in Order

My big thing this year has been follow through, but a smaller goal -- and one that has kind of been on the back-burner, honestly -- has been organization.  Earlier this year, I established a morning routine that worked amazingly well, but which I've sort of fallen away from because I've been ultra-exhausted with this… Continue reading Organization and Keeping Things in Order

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Marriage (Another Tangent)

"Mental." "Mental... what?" "Mental gymnastics." "That's been every post so far.  I want something a little different." "Mmm... monkeyshines." "I don't even know what that's supposed to mean." "Mmmm.... Modeling.  Making.  Maramaduke Isn't Funny So Why Do Newspapers Still Run It?" My husband was doing his best (???) to try to help me figure out… Continue reading Marriage (Another Tangent)