OctPoWriMo, Day 14 (Poem 13)

ReclaimingFor Day 13, I actually used the prompt, “If I was You” (though I didn’t use the prompt suggestion, as it was the blitz (again), and I’d already written two this month (and don’t love them as a form)).  I did a Spanish form called the décima instead.

If I Were You

If I were you, I’d pack my bags;
How long did you think you could
Still hide the truth before it would
Come crashing down?  All those red flags
You flew have finally got you snagged.
And I’m not sad to see you go;
More sorry for the wasted years
I’ve spent, and all the futile tears
I’ve spilled.  I’m glad that now I know.
Just one more heartache to forgo.

OctPoWriMo – a 31 poems in 31 days challenge.  Follow along; officially link ups are closed, but don’t let that stop you from writing if the mood hits!

OctPoWriMo, Day 14 (Poem 12)

ReclaimingHello!  The wedding was lovely, for those interested — very cute, very “them.”  I didn’t take photos (I opted to actually enjoy the evening with my family, and trust me, there was no dearth of photos taken), and I am now lounging and mentally prepping for the work week ahead.

I am actually up-to-date with OctPoWriMo, this is just the first chance I’ve had to post since Friday.  Poem 11 is a series of haiku.

Sleeping in Shadows

Streetlights through curtains
Silken and diaphanous
Cast us in relief

Here you are film noir
Beautiful in monochrome
Light and dark entwined

Shadows shift like masks
A dark parade of strangers
Utterly entranced

Always you are loved
But there’s magic in moonlight
Here in this moment

OctPoWriMo is a month of poetry writing!  Link ups are closed, but follow along if the mood strikes.

Friday, Fri-yay: October 12th, 2018

& (1)Hey yo, it’s Friday!

I’ve been having an uncharacteristically productive week, creatively, and hope to have a good balance of work/pleasure this weekend, the highlight of which will be my cousin’s wedding tomorrow evening.  All in all, things seem to be moving along pretty smoothly, but I’ve gotta say, it’s still pretty great to hit the weekend.  So, Bear is in bed, I’m sitting here, munching on some homemade empanadas, sipping on some Grand Mariner, and enjoying the quiet.

This week:

Last week I mentioned that The Good Place was back, but did I mention Forking Bullshirt was back, and have I ever mentioned the official The Good Place podcast I love Bullshirt because I love the geeky fan discussion (from the perspective of geeky fans!), and I love the official podcast for the behind the scenes insight and how lovely and adorable the cast and crew all are.  If you are at all interested in the show, you might want to check out the podcasts.

NaNoWriMo prep is starting full-force, and I’m so excited to give it a go this year.  I’m trying my hand at… I guess it would be categorized as magical realism, and I’m kind of nervous but also really psyched to try something different from my usual lit!fic attempt.  I’ve been reading the forums the last few nights and need to find time to incorporate NaNo prep work and NaNo socialization into my schedule.

Did anyone else grow up watching a lot of magic on TV?  Because I recently found a few  old David Copperfield specials on YouTube.  Ahhhh, I don’t have a lot to say about this, except, maaaan I remember these so vividly, and I remember those nights those specials aired on TV being like, a big deal in my house, when we all settled in together to watch them.

I got a lovely compliment at work today from one of our SLPs, who had been talking to one of the school psychologists who had done an observation in one of my classrooms, and was apparently very impressed with how good I am with the kids and how well I work with all of them.  I don’t want to sound snotty – I know that I’m good at my job – but it’s so, so nice to hear someone appreciate my efforts.

I think that’s all for this week.  What’s been carrying you all alone lately?

OctPoWriMo, Day 11


Here There Are Trees

Here there are trees,
Reaching ever upward, they strive
For whatever is just out of reach.

My tongue had forgotten the sweetness of air;
Back home, tenacious weeds grow through cracks, but
Here there are trees,

Trees that bear fruit, sweet and supple,
And children clamoring to feast;
Reaching ever upward, they strive.

There is joy here, and hope, in their wanting,
In the exciting possibility and longing
For whatever is just out of reach.

This was written for OctPoWriMo (link ups closed, but please read along and/or join in!)  This was written according to the suggested form of a cascade poem.

OctPoWriMo, Day 10

ReclaimingI’m going to warn people in advance, compliments on this poem are likely to be met with a “thanks! I hate it” brand of reaction.

I genuinely love doing these writing challenges – I think they are going to go a long way towards helping me reclaim my creativity, and the poetry ones often introduce me to new forms and styles, some of which I end up really loving. But just as often, I find forms that just really don’t work for me.

And that’s fine.  I’m not the be-all-and-end-all of poets.  I’m sure there are poets who love this form (called the converse, today’s OctPoWriMo form suggestion) and can knock it out of the park.  But the older I get, the less fond I am of rhyming couplets. I find when I write in rhyming couplets, I just feel like I wind up sounding like I’m writing a mother goose rhyme.  I can sometimes counter this somewhat with well-placed enjambment, but even so.

Maybe you feel differently.  Please tell me what you think.

In Your Smile

There’s a lightness that beguiles
In each glimmer of your smile.

I think it’s what had most stood out
When first we met – that perfect pout

Split so wide in such a cheeky grin –
That dazzling joy that did me in.

There’s nothing in this world so beautiful
And someone loving life, so rich and full;

And you, who sees joy and beauty everywhere
Buoy me up until I almost walk on air.

This was poem was written for OctPoWriMo!  Link ups are closed, but don’t let that stop you from writing if the mood strikes!

OctPoWriMo, Day 9 (Caught Up!)

ReclaimingWoo!  Being caught up feels pretty great.  These are those fleeting moments of come-from-behind victory that buoy me along – someday I’ll learn to power through all those tough situations to come out on top.  It’s always so much more fulfilling than letting a project fall by the wayside.

Speaking of projects, I’m so excited to share my Inktober art at the end of the month!  It’s nothing spectacular, but for someone who never draws (and only talks about wanting to), I’m actually really happy with how my drawing is progressing.  I honestly feel like I’ve seen progress and learned new techniques in only the past nine days.

Anyway, back to this project.  This is a form called a haiku sonnet.  Hope you enjoy.

Bonfire Nights

From open windows
Drifts the first promise of snow
The smell of bonfires

Nights beneath the moon
Breath hangs heavy in the air
Like wood fire smoke

Dead leaves fuel the blaze
A final thrill of glory
Before winter’s chill

Huddling for warmth
Everything around us dies
But we are so alive

I feel the nights grow colder
And the flames call me again

This was written for OctPoWriMo!  Link ups are closed, but feel free to read others’ work and write your own if you are so moved – all writing is worthwhile, linked up or not.

OctPoWriMo, Day 9 (Poem 8)

ReclaimingHere we are – today is the day I catch up!

After playing with the blitz form yesterday, I decided to give it another go and combined it with the “love” prompt from today.  The blitzes I’ve written still don’t feel, to me, like proper poems – which isn’t to say it’s not a worthwhile form to write, nor that there aren’t poet outs there capable of writing ones that could blow me away, only that it continues to feel like a writing exercise, like a warm-up.  And honestly, as a warm-up, or a creativity booster, or a springboard, I’m sold on it.  I’m just not sure how I feel about it as a product rather than a process, you know?

Anyway, here’s today’s blitz.  My “catch-up” poem – putting me at nine poems on day nine – will come later tonight.

Together to Choose

Gather the nest
Gather together
Together is a beautiful place to be
Together we are strong
Strong women beget strong women
Strong bonds beget strong bonds
Bonded as family
Bonded by blood
Blood of my blood
Blood is thicker
Thick or thin
Thick as thieves
Thieves’ trust
Thieves’ honor
Honor thy father
Honor thy mother
Mother knows best
Mother may i
I have my father’s pride
I have my mother’s laughter
Laughter is the best medicine
Laughter fills this house
Houses my body
Houses my soul
Souls bonded by name
Souls bonded by love
Love is all you need
Love makes a family
Family is where you come from
Family is to where you return
Return home
Return to the good old days
Days of my childhood
Days playing in the sun
Sunlight warmed my skin
Sunlight lit my room
Room by the fire
Room for one more
More mouths to feed
More here to love
Love is love is love is love is love
Love keeps us alive
Alive in these honeyed hours
Alive in the ever present present
Presents us with opportunities
Presents us with choices
Choose your family
Choose your path

Almost caught up with OctPoWriMo, 31 poems in (ideally!) 31 days.  Link ups are closed, but mark it on your calendar for next year, and feel free to “unofficially” participate this year.  All writing is worthwhile writing, whether you’re linked up or not.