Poetry & Other Writing

NaNoWriMo Essays

These were originally published on Medium, but I decided I’d rather self-archive them.  They are mostly personal anecdotes, interspersed with some writing advice that I’ve found personal success with.

When Inspiration Isn’t the Problem:  The Burden of Sitting Yourself Down and Writing
Cheating the (Honor) System:  When Holding Yourself Accountable is Hard
Write What You Read: Making Your NaNo a Joy to Write (and Read)
Stumbling, Fumbling, and Rebelling:  Why “Losing” NaNo Can Still Be a Creative Blessing
Why I Take on NaNo as a Mother: Writing as Self-Care and Conscientious Parenting
Reaping the Rewards of Rebelling:  Why Being a Rebel is a Good Idea
Why Camp NaNo Doesn’t Work for Me:  When Too Much Freedom is Detrimental
Don’t Delete, and Other Trite (and True) Advice:  Tips from a NaNo Veteran

Archived Poetry

These are a selection of poems I’ve written over the past two years during monthly challenges such as NaPoWriMo, OctPoWriMo, and The A-to-Z Challenge. As a result, several of these are in forms that I do not explicate on in the text; if you are curious about the style/form any of these are written in, feel free to reach out and ask.