Publish a game (board game, card game, collaborative game, etc.)


I already have one project sort of languishing in my Google Drive, which would be a collaborative writing game along the lines of Slash: the Game or The Write Words, but with more cards, more elaborate options, and more rule variations.  I’m thinking something like One Sentence Pitch, where you piece together your pitch and the judge picks which story pitch they like the most?   Or maybe they rank the story pitches, and then based on those rankings, people get the choice of what story they actually get to write?  I though awards might be fun too, like at the end of the allotted time, the judge awards something to each story, like “Most Likely to Be Optioned Into a Film,” “Most Likley to Have a Cult Following,” “Most Likely to Inspire Dirty Fanfic,” etc.  Just a fun game intended to inspire creativity.