Blogging A-to-Z Theme Reveal

A few years ago, challenge months were the only times I’d really get any creative work done.

If nothing else positive has come out of 2020, at the very least, that has been a refreshing change in my life.

I work on art and creative projects regularly now. Not all the time, maybe not even as much as a could or should, but — Jesus — a hell of a lot more than I used to. Challenge months are no longer the one time of year I can be guaranteed to be creative — in fact, in the past twelve months, trying to push myself too hard with monthly challenges was actually kind of deterimental.

Trying to cram two challenges into last April (A-to-Z and NaPoWriMo) not only yielded less than satisfying results (with a couple of exceptions; I was pretty happy with a few of the drawings I did, and a couple of the poems) but burnt me out and had my throwing in the towel in 20 days. The year before I did both of those and tried to do Camp NaNoWriMo as well, and that was just a trainwreck; the fanfic that I planned on working on for Camp, and which I had been plugging away at happily, off and on, for weeks before that, totally stalled out when the pressure was on.

So this year, a low-key task. Now that I’m a lot more regularly creative, I don’t need to cram all of my “making” into April. I can use April for drafting, sketching, outline, idea generation.

So, my April Blogging A-to-Z challenge theme is… creative vignettes.

I plan on using a random word generator to generate three random words beginning with the letter of the day. I’ll then creat a rough concept, a rough sketch, and a brief, few sentence long back-story/narrative to go with the piece — my five favorite to be fleshed out in May and beyond.

I am actually super excited about this idea. I’m not commiting to finishing anything during April, sacrificing quality for speed, but I am commiting to coming up with new ideas that I can play with at my leisure — which works for me for all the nights that I sit around lamenting the physical urge to doodle but with no actual idea for what to work on. It happens less often these days, but it’s still nice to have some ideas at hand for when the mood strikes.

I’m super looking forward to reading what other people are writing or creating for the coming month. I am going to try to be better about engaging with other blogs in general, and there’s no better time than April to do it.

I will be uploading the sketches to my art Instagram, and while I will also be embedding them here, I still welcome new followers. I post a lot of unfinished and in progress sketches as I go.

Happy blogging (well, I guess happy prepping, at this stage). Stay safe and sane.

Blogging A-to-Z Theme Reveal


I’ve done the A-to-Challenge since 2017, when I started trying to blog in earnest.  That first year, my theme was literally just All About Me, because frankly I had no idea what I wanted my blog to be, or what purpose it served.  The following year, in 2018, I opted to combine Blogging A-to-Z with NaPoWriMo, and wrote a poem in a different form or style everyday (honestly, that was a lot of fun, and I’m still a fan of some of those poems).  2019 saw me trying to make this blog more about life with neurodivergence, so I wrote an A-to-Z about adult ADHD.

This year, armed with a little more knowledge about what the purpose of this blog is — rekindling and nurturing a creative self, however that manifests itself — and eager to push and challenge myself more, it took me a while to decide, but I’ve chosen a theme.

This year’s theme is: sketches inspired by song lyrics.  I’ve decided to try to keep the lyrical choices, so much as I can, to songs by one of my favorite bands (The Decemberists), because their lyrics are, at least to me, amazingly evocative.  I am hoping upon hope I can do them justice.

I am so looking forward to reading/seeing other people’s contributions this year!