Yawn (31 Day Challenge: Day 2)

Well, it’s certainly been a day.  The highlights today were a really delightful conversation I had with a co-teacher when we found that we had no students during our joint block (for legitimate reasons, just unexpected) and spent an hour and a half shooting the breeze; and my personal pride in how I handled a particularly delicate situation at work today (not tooting my own horn, I’m just very satisfied with how it went, which is better than the alternative, which I’ve likewise had to deal with many, many times over the years).

Barring that, the day was inoffensive, but uninteresting.  Waking up at 3:50 and not being able to get back to sleep means right now I don’t want to do much but veg out, but before I do that, here’s Day 2 of my 31 Day Challenge:


2.  20 Things About Me

  1. I am an INFJ (Type T), and while I resent the Meyers-Briggs being used as a screening device by employers (because, really, it’s dehumanizing and over-simplifying our complexity as people), it’s a fairly accurate overview of my personality, albeit in broad strokes.
  2. I have had anxiety for as long as I can remember, and have had panic and anxiety attacks since I was at least 11.
  3. Through middle and high school, between my anxiety issues and other typical medical issues, I routinely missed between 16-18% of the school year.
  4. I identify as bisexual and non-binary/genderqueer (I use the first because more people seem to get what it means, but more closely identify with the second).  I use she/they pronouns, the former more in my daily life, the latter more frequently on-line.
  5. I am active in fandom culture and both write and read fanfic; while I will talk freely about fandom on here when it is relevant in my life, I will not (at least at present) post or link any of my fic.  There is a non-zero-percent chance of that changing in the future, but not right now.
  6. Our anniversary of us officially getting together is 5/15, which we chose because it’s a palindrome and Andy and I like palindromes.  Consequently, our wedding is 7/17.  (And actually, Bear’s due date was 12/19, and while we were hoping he’d hold out til 12/21, alas, he came a couple of weeks early, instead).
  7. I love trying new food, but I could easily subsist on crab rangoon and egg rolls if the need should ever arise.
  8. I met my husband on OKCupid, and we hung out for about six months before something actually happened.  After it did, we dated for about a year before he moved in with me.  We got engaged after eighteen months, and married after just over two years.
  9. My hair has, at various times in my life, been brown (my natural color), black, blonde, fire-engine red, midnight blue, turquoise, emerald green, teal, purple, amethyst, rose pink, and hot pink.  It’s also been waist-length, full on buzzed, and about everything in between.
  10. I collect fandom prints by various fan artists, bought through Etsy, Society6, or at various conventions.  Even though I’m not in the fandom anymore, my favorite of them is probably a Destiel (Dean/Castiel) print from Supernatural that I bought at Anime Boston 2012, and a Johnlock (John/Sherlock) print I was gifted from a Society6 artist.
  11. I love clothing with bold patterns and colors, and love androgynous fashion — but for one reason or another, most of my clothing is black/gray and fairly femme.
  12. My go-to shows for comfort watching are Nailed It!, Kim’s Convenience, and Bob’s Burgers, plus any and all Jim Gaffigan and John Mulaney stand-up specials.
  13. The first time I ever got a hangover was at an after-party during LeakyCon 2009, a major Harry Potter convention in Boston.  This was also the night I spilled vodka and Coke on YA author Maureen Johnson, and I may have said something cringey to one of the Vlogbrothers? It’s hard to remember.
  14. I have tachycardia and high-blood pressure, exacerbated by (though not caused by) anxiety.
  15. A major goal for this year is to get an assessment for autism/ADHD.
  16. I am terrified of heights, butterflies/moths, spiders, ad dentist/anything teeth or dental-related.
  17. First crush I ever remember having was on Atreyu from The Neverending Story.  Also one of the first songs I remember listening to obsessively was that films ending theme.
  18. The Harry Potter books and fandom carried me through my first year teaching; it was one of the things my students and I bonded over the most.
  19. I’m a maladaptive daydreamer (on the milder end of the spectrum).
  20. When I crush, I crush hard (and it’s likely on the people you’d least expect; even my “celeb” crushes are often pretty under-the-radar).  I also still low-key crush on Jasper from Steven Universe various animated characters.  I know, it’s bad.

You got through Monday!  Pour yourself a drink and put your feet up.  You’ve earned a break.

31 Day Blog Challenge (A Warm Up: Day 1)

April is kind of a big month for me on this blog; I generally do two challenges — the 30 Day A-to-Z, and NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month).  In the past, I’ve combined the two, but this year, given that my creative output has been generally pretty steady and I’ve been happy with how I’ve made some time for creativity most days, I’ve decided to be ambitious and complete both challenges separately.  Which isn’t to say that I’ll post two entries a day (though I might; I haven’t worked out all the logistics yet), but that the two challenges will be distinct instead of conflated.

I also realize that while I’ve been exponentially better about my posting habits, I’m not at the post-an-entry-every-day stage (like I had been for a few weeks back in December and January), so I thought I’d ease into daily posting with a 31 Day Challenge in March.

I found this challenge via Some Shananagins, originally posted in March 2015, and given that I had also been thinking that I’d like to do some Getting To Know You/Me type posts, this seemed like a wonderfully happy solution to both of those ambitions.


Day 1:  Introduction

I’m not sure if the intention was an introduction to the challenge or the blog but since I’ve done the former already, let me do the latter.

I started this blog, many incarnations ago, as a creative writing blog that became a pseudo-parenting blog that became an ADHD blog… ugh.  I just couldn’t quite get a handle on what I wanted this place to be.

I thought back to the halcyon (and, ok, slightly melodramatic) days of LiveJournal, and how novel and refreshing it was to simply have a place to share tidbits of my daily life, goals, progress on said goals, and creative endeavors.  I thought, how great would it be to come back to all the best parts of LiveJournal culture, minus the hormones and the unfortunate emo icons?

So, that’s essentially what I did.  I’m still working to find my genuine voice, and to strike a balance between art-dumping and real-life talk (a lot of that is reliant on how much time I have to sit and reflect, and how productive I’ve been on the creative front), but I feel like I’m getting there.  I’m certainly far happier with this incarnation of the blog than I was with any of the others.

That’s it for today…  I’m not expecting this challenge will constitute the be-and-end of all my blog entries this month, but rather be just a component of them, and I also welcome and encourage people to share their answers to the daily prompts with me.  I love reading about other people’s live, particularly the silly minutiae.  I don’t know why; again, I credit that voyeuristic streak with spending my formative years on LiveJournal.

Sunday night.  Hope you’ve all had a relaxing weekend.  As for me, I’m happily full of home-made empanadas, and looking forward to catching up on a couple of weeks worth of Bob’s Burgers while I go hog over on Pinterest.  Have lovely evenings, all.