Twitter Writing Prompts, March 2020

#haikuchallenge   (pare)

Dad’s nimble fingers
Pared apples into half moons
Crisp floral sweetness

#hankuchallenge  (fraud)

Blue sky masquerade
Sunlight coaxing buds from soil
A fraudulent hope

#hangtenstories   (bright)

He’d seen lights, bright beneath the waves, but couldn’t swim.

#hangtenstories (obstacle)

“Resistance is always an obstacle. Luckily, we can be… persuasive.”


“Search and rescue’s over,” he grunted. “It’s just recovery, now.”

#storyin12   (tone)

A low tone hummed in his ear; groggily, he remembered the blast.


“Ignorance is an advantage.” He glanced at the new recruit. “Lucky you.”